Thank you so much!

Dear all of the wonderful parents of RS 2016/17,

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful gifts and cards. I am completely blown away by all of your generosity!!! The words that you have written in the cards brought a tear to my eye, so meaningful and so incredible. I’m going to miss you all a lot. Although it’s not always considered the ‘done thing’ I make the effort to make the parents of the children I teach, my friends. I ensure that I know all about you in order to do my best teaching. This is why it’s extra difficult to say goodbye as it is saying goodbye to families I really care about! It’s goodbye for a good reason though as many of you will know I’m setting off on an adventure of my lifetime. My current aim is to set up some kind of blog to keep you all informed on my many exciting adventures. When that is up and running, I will ask Mrs Stott to send you an email to let you have the link. I will 100% be back to visit in April time when I’m home for the one year anniversary of Ahmed’s death. Ahmed’s memorial garden at the front of school (where we scattered the seeds) will be complete by September with a memorial bench there to sit in. The second one is currently already in the playground outside what was my classroom with a plaque for Ahmed. Feel free to sit, take pictures and remember the wonderful times we shared with such a wonderful young boy! The bench will remain in that playground for the children to sit on throughout their time in school.

As for me, I currently have no plans whatsoever for after travelling, in fact I’m not even slightly thinking about it. My focus right now is this adventure and I know you will understand that!

I am wishing you and your children all the best for the next academic year. Miss.Cooke is truly great and the kids already love her! Year one will be hard in lots of different ways but I have no doubt that the children will succeed, grow and conquer whatever challenge is thrown at them. We’ve been through a lot together, more than any normal Reception class. I am unbelievably proud of each and everyone of them.

Thank you again,

Mr.Smith 🙂



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