Bombay Potatoes and Bug Biscuits!

3DC made pear and strawberry crumbles.

3WB cooked Bombay potatoes with FFS ingredients.

They invited their classmates to the cafe to try their dish.

Which was given the ‘thumbs up’!

RLS joined me this week to bake for their celebration event.

We baked some caterpillar cookies.

And some shortbread to make into ladybirds.

It was very exciting.

And we can’t wait until next Friday!


Pirate Day
The children had the chance to dress up as pirates and they all looked brilliant! We played pirate games, danced and learnt some pirate songs, created pirate flags and lots more fun pirate activities. The children had a great day!

Enjoy these Pictures!

Ahmed’s Memorial Gift

Hi All,

I have been asked to share with you the gift that you as parents have paid for. This will be given to Ahmed’s Mum in the next few weeks, when she returns from Pakistan. A big thank you to Sacha (Aiden’s Mum) and Jo (Harry’s Mum) for organising.

RNLI Week!

Water Safety
This week we have been learning about water safety and how we should keep safe when we go to the seaside. The children have worked hard to create posters to show awareness of how to keep safe near the water.

RNLI РRoyal National Lifeboat Institution 
On Thursday we had a visit from the RNLI who came in and talked to us about their job. They showed us the different boats used and the uniforms that the coastguards and life guards wear. The children thought Miss Vickers looked very funny wearing the coastguard’s outfit. After the talk we all had the chance to try on some of the uniforms and go in the rubber dingy boat which was lots of fun.

Outdoors in the sunshine
What a glorious week it has been. On Thursday we went out onto the trim trail with Miss Vickers and practiced our balancing and coordination skills. It was great to see how children’s confidence has grown since the first time they went on the trim trail.

Have a great weekend!

Another Busy Week.

First I must apologise for having no photos this week. I left my iPad at homeūüė¨. However we have still been very busy in the cafe!

Tuesday saw a ‘pass it on’ demonstration of delicious onion bhajis.

On Wednesday a group of children from 3DC made fruit crumbles and sold them on the playground. Were you a lucky customer?

Then on Thursday some of the students from 4DM used some of the ‘fuel for schools’ food to make Collcanon for their class mates. A traditional Irish recipe, using potatoes, cabbage and onions, it was enjoyed by the majority of Mr Moore’s class.

This morning we served coffee and tea both before Ahmed’s ¬†assembly and for the open day of our September intake. Finally 4CC made jam tarts for their celebration event next Friday. They each made their own pastry and filled the tarts with plum jam made from the plums picked in our own orchard. A treat to look forward too.

Fi Fi Fo Fum!

This week in Reception we have read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have really loved reading this traditional tale. We think the traditional tales should be read over and over again in the early years, they are great fun to read and the children love joining in with their repeated refrains such as “fee fi fo fum”. This week we have been learning about growing and have learnt that plants need sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil to grow. We learnt that the stem grows up towards the sun and the roots grow downwards into the soil. This week we have planted some beans and we are watching our beanstalks carefully to see if they grow up to the castle we have placed there. We hope we won’t have too many giants in our classroom!

Our planters in the outdoor area are looking beautiful and we have been talking about looking carefully after all the plants that are growing outside. We have been practicing using our looking eyes and not our picking fingers to look closely at the beautiful tulips. Mrs Willis has even spotted the start of our poppies growing. They really are magnificent when they grow. We are watching carefully to see them turn from seedlings into the poppy.

Day 2 – Sight! (Harlow Carr)

What a wonderful time we have had at Harlow Carr in Harrogate. It was fantastic to see such a transformation since when we went in Autumn and notice the changes between seasons. We made some perfume for a very smelly fairy called onion. We had to use the herbs in the gardens to create a perfume to help onion smell a little bit better. We all came up with different names, can you remember your perfume name? My group decided on ‘herby explosion!’¬†as their perfume name, aptly named as they used lavender in their perfume. We had a picnic lunch outside in the sunshine and then had all afternoon to explore Harlow Carr gardens for ourselves. We have a lot of tired children on the coach on the way back now! Thank you to all the parent helpers who make these trips possible, your help is much appreciated.

Sense Week Day 1 – Taste!

This week we will be looking at a different sense each day as part of Science Week. Today we introduced Senses to the children and told them each one. The focus of today’s sense task was ‘Taste’. We had breads from around the world to taste and decide whether we liked or disliked them. The options were; malt, pitta, tortilla and naan.

Here are some pictures of us using our taste sense in our bread eating challenge!!



Can you get your child to describe what each bread tasted like? Comment below with some quotes to receive 1 house point!